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How to Watch Netflix, Movies and more in Virtual Reality

Watching movies in virtual reality is an amazing experience. Virtual reality allows us to be immersed in a vast amount of different environments in which you can watch a movie , Netflix or anything you might like. I have made this guide to assist people in how they can experience this. 


Watching Netflix on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

The best programs to watch Netflix in Virtual Reality are Big Screen and Virtual Desktop. Big Screen is free has nearly as many features as virtual desktop. Virtual Desktop costs $14,however I would highly recommend trying out Bigscreen first before buying virtual desktop , as you might find it does everything you need it to.

Both of these apps are very simple to use. You simple download them on steam , launch the app, and then put on your VR headset.  What these apps will do is mirror your computer screen into the app. So all you need to do is open a web browser and go to,  You can change the environment that you are in to many different types. An example would be a movie theater with a giant screen. A huge benefit with Bigscreen is that you can watch movies with your friends in it. You simply just need to create a room and have your friend join it.



Virtual Desktop


Link to Bigscreen :

Link to Virtual Desktop

Watching Netflix in Google Daydream

It is quite simple to watch netflix on Google Daydream. Simply go to the Google play store and Download “Netflix VR” from there you can login and immserve yourself into your own personal netflix virtual reality theater


Watching Netflix in Samsung GearVR

It is also quite simple to watch netflix on the Samsung GearVr. All you need to do is go to the Oculus store and download netflix. You then enter credentials into netflix, enable vr mode, and you are ready to enjoy!