The Lost Soul VR Game Releasing In August

The virtual reality experience based on the hit Paranormal Activity movies called Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul has finally received an official release date when it’ll come to the PlayStation 4 as a PSVR game.

While the game has been available for Steam users for some time now for users to try out in its Early Access stages, this release date marks the first time that the game will come to consoles. Being developed by gaming company VRWERX, the game isn’t going to be following any particular installment in the Paranormal Activity series. Rather, this game will focus more on the type of storytelling that the movies have while creating its own new horrifying adventure.

The game drops players off in a creepy old house in the middle of the woods, a perfect start for any type of horror game, especially one that’s going to be so up close and personal in the way that one would hope a VR game would be. The Lost Soul has already picked up quite a bit of attention even in its Early Access stages, so when the game releases to PSVR in August, it’ll likely already have a sizable following to meet the August release.

Beyond the initial release of the game, the developers have already promised to continues supporting the game post-launch. Whether this means that future content will be available through paid DLC or through free, continuous content updates, the guarantee itself is promising enough for a game that hasn’t even come out yet.

From watching the trailer above, those who highly value a game’s graphics might leave some players desiring a bit more from the VR game, but the in-your-face scares from the VR aspect of the game should be more than enough to compensate for any graphic shortcomings.

The game has received mostly positive reviews on Steam overall, coming in at 77 percent favorable reviews. Some issues that were noted deal with crashes or clunky interactions with the VR components, but most players spoke highly of the game’s scare factor.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is scheduled to be released for PSVR on Aug. 15.

[via IGN]

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