The experience of Virtual Reality at IFFI

To give delegates a new viewing experience of cinema, the 48th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) has put up two Virtual Reality (VR) spaces – one that allows delegates to watch around 13 films using the VR device and another VR installation where delegates can watch videos of Canada (Country Focus of IFFI) NT BUZZ finds out more about how this technology is setting the new trend for cinema


While watching a film, have you wondered what would happen if one of the scene from the film would come to life. May be a war scene, wherein, the war is going on and suddenly out of nowhere you can see horses running by your side or the soldier attacking with swords and you are looking around trying to figure what to do? This seems to be imaginary and impossible. But with the help of the new technological equipment the VR device one can virtually and digitally experience a scene come to life.

At Maquniez Palace auditorium, delegates got a chance to watch virtual reality films as the space is hosting a Mixed Reality Sidebar, featuring Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Speaking about what is exhibited at the galley, manager of the Mixed Reality Sidebar, Vinay Nagasheti, says: “We have the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) at our space. We have a virtual reality exhibit on the wall along with that on the iPad we have an augmented reality exhibit called ‘the enemy’.”

If anyone wants to watch a virtual scene all they have to do is point at comics using an app called ‘Bilper’ using an iPad or phone and they come alive. The VR space has a total of 13 movies namely ‘Le Musk’, ‘Notes to my father’, ‘Kinoscope’, ‘Yeh Ballet’, ‘Clouds over Sidra’ and others.

Elaborating on how it works, Nagasheti says: “We have content loaded on our smartphone. It goes into the geared VR and it uses the screen and splits the screen in two parts. It’s just similar to 3D how you wear the 3D glasses and the whole things come together.”

He also adds that the best part about virtual reality is that with the sound in your ears, you feel that you are actually in that environment and experiencing it.

With the help of VR headset you completely get disconnected from the outside world allowing one to interact with the digital world within. The headset consists of two tiny displays with lenses, which generate a 3D image within. When you wear it, it gives you the feeling of actually being present in the virtual world with realistic three-dimensional elements. The headset also comes with a bunch of sensors which track your head movement and simultaneously change the image within, creating an illusion of a digital world.

Promoting the focus country of IFFI 2017 – Canada, a VR installation has been setup in the Inox courtyard that has videos of famous places of Canada loaded on to the device. Trade commissioner from Canada, Ryan speaks about the feedback he gets from people. He says: “VR is a one of the best mediums to showcase the beauty of the place. After watching the videos people are like ‘wow! It felt like I was really there’ ‘this is so cool and different’ and ‘this makes me visit Canada’ which is really a good thing. They are very surprised how the virtual thing actually works.”

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