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Weta Workshop’s world-renowned artists are preparing to spill some of their trade secrets to the next generation of designers.

Students will participate in a week-long internship with a live studio role, and get one-on-one training.
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Massey University’s Master of Design students will get the opportunity to camp out at the usually-secretive workshop, as well as participate in a week-long internship with a live studio role and receive one-on-one mentoring on their project.

The Wellington course runs for a year and starts next September.

The artists are responsible for helping bring films like Avatar, The Hobbit and Mad Max Fury Road to life.

Art director Paul Tobin said he hopes it’ll kick off the careers of the next Peter Jackson’s, Richard Taylor’s and Jane Campion’s with a focus on idea generation, storytelling and concept design.

Weta Workshop artists

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“I’m excited by the prospect we’re going to propel a bunch of students to be setting up their own studios, perhaps they even hire us when they’re making movies so that’s the kind of real dream actually.”

The company sees it as a chance to pay it forward by sharing their mastery and “unlocking the potential of students,” Mr Tobin said.

Wellington's Weta Shop guided tour

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Mr Tobin said designers face a growing industry in New Zealand, with storytelling opportunities now extending beyond film, TV and gaming to virtual reality and augmented reality platforms.

“One story told here can ripple across the whole planet… it’s not just the entertainment industry, everyone wants to have an experience now.”

It’s the first time the company has taken on an education role, noting the management of confidential work when students visit was a challenge they had to overcome before confirming the partnership.

Applications open on February 1 and close on May 31, with domestic and international students expected to sign up.

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