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Ready Player One is now in theaters. There are major differences between the film and the novel. But, readers will get used to this because the film offers surprises around every corner. Overall, the film is great because it immerses you, just like the virtual world in the film does.

The major differences between the book and the film are evident within the first couple minutes of the film. First, there

is no car race in the book. The screenplay was co-written by Ernest Cline, the author of the book, so it looks like the story was modified to be more action-packed. In the book, the three keys open three gates. In the film, there are no gates, just keys. We meet some characters earlier in the film than in the book.

The film is enjoyable if you don’t mind the differences. The film is also enjoyable for those who haven’t read the book. I recommend reading the book after seeing the film to understand the background story of the software developers of the virtual reality video game in the film.

A lot of characters from classic 80’s movies make a comeback in this film. You will see them briefly on screen. There are also various other hidden references to pop-culture, and if you like hunting for secrets, this is your movie. It’s worth a re-watch for that reason. I spotted some little references here and there.

The story is alright. The players of the virtual reality game, The OASIS, are all trying to find the game’s biggest secret. There’s a company called IOI that tries to find the secret first. It’s a race to the finish.

The world the characters live in is a bleak future in which climate change is too serious, and there is a major energy crisis. The people of the world can escape to Virtual Reality because it offers escapism. Even the fate of the virtual world hangs in the balance.

Overall this movie is a fun thrill ride. There are a lot of epic battles in the virtual world. In this film, there are a lot of throwbacks to other films, songs, TV shows, and books.

I give this movie 3.9 stars. Even though it’s a great film, and a wild ride, it leaves out a lot from the book. This may not matter to you if you haven’t read the book, but it does for me. It seems like they tried to make it more appealing to the audience while making it more action packed. They left out the nerdy parts that the audience wouldn’t understand.

There are a lot of Dungeons and Dragons references in the book, but in the film there are less.

If you want to experience this just as an action movie, or if you’re a fan of 80s pop-culture, this movie is enjoyable. If you read the book, this movie is enjoyable if you get used to the fact that it leaves out a lot of stuff from the book.

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