Nicolas Cage Movie is Adding Virtual Reality for Oculus

The Oculus Rift allows gamers to experience a myriad of virtual reality worlds, and now one Canadian film company is bringing a unique movie experience to the device. Nicolas Cage fans will be able to download the Humanity Bureau VR app to view episodic releases of his latest movie.

The Humanity Bureau film, starring Nicolas Cage, is an action thriller set in 2030, focusing on the condition of the world following the effects of global warming and economic recession. The film is unique in that it was filmed in multiple ways, allowing viewers to watch the movie in a standard 2D theater, in a three-screen Barco Escape theater, in addition to a series of side stories filmed in an episodic format viewable via the Oculus Rift headset.

The film’s creators say that the virtual reality app will contain seven episodes that are designed to let viewers watch standalone side storylines that occur in the same world as the feature-length film. The VR app will also let viewers watch behind the scenes clips and the film’s trailer in virtual reality. In a demo shown of the VR experience app, users can visit a recreation of one of the film’s areas while they choose between the options available to them. The VR experience also lets viewers get an idea of what the Barco Escape experience will be like, as the VR app will emulate the three-screen environment around the viewer.

Whether or not the Humanity Bureau film is worth the average Oculus Rift owner’s time remains to be seen, but it’s an interesting development in movie-making. With box office ticket sales stagnating, being able to watch a movie in a virtual reality environment from the comfort of one’s own home may be the next big thing in boosting movie profits.

The Humanity Bureau VR app will be free to Oculus Rift users starting on March 2nd. The full movie will release April 6th.

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