Look But With Love: Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s new endeavour

Two-time Academy Award-winning movie producer Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is wandering into the zone of Virtual Reality. Her most recent narrative titled ‘Look But With Love’ about Pakistan’s social difficulties is set to debut in VR at the Tribeca TV Festival in America this fall.

The Tribeca Film Festival is notable for advancing the work of free movie producers and grasping new, imaginative innovations. Also, now it’s recently presented Tribeca TV Festival, to be held in September, is grasping Virtual Reality by debuting Sharmeen Obaid’s new narrative. ‘Look But With Love’ is a five-section narrative arrangement that recounts the account of overcome and moving Pakistanis who, notwithstanding all chances, are endeavoring to change the socio-political scene of the nation. It will feature five distinct stories, two of which will be debuted at the Tribeca TV Festival.

Look But With Love is representing Pakistan in the festival

The primary scene titled ‘A Story of Women’ will portray how a gathering of solid Pakistani females is utilizing paramilitary methods to battle fear based oppressor insurrection. While the second scene titled ‘A Story of Dance of Look But With Love’ will take after a lady who instructs kids to convey what needs be by means of dance. The narrative is being conveyed to gatherings of people as a team with a spearheading virtual reality organization called Within.

As Virtual Reality keeps on advancing, it is fascinating to take note of how it is being adjusted in mediums other than gaming. There are organizations utilizing it for giving virtual visits, purchasing dresses and adornments on the web, and giving virtual training. Yet, it bodes well why VR, with its capacity to give watchers a completely immersive ordeal, is being adjusted for motion pictures and documentaries. There are incalculable recordings and well known motion picture trailers on YouTube that can be seen in virtual reality. Netflix has a devoted VR App for sitting in front of the TV series, films, and documentaries.

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While vast scale documentaries in VR have been made some time recently, ‘Look But With Love’ is a first from Pakistan. By utilizing Virtual Reality’s immersive innovation it can give watchers a more profound association with the story and a through and through various visual experience.

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