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It looks like a science fiction movie, but its real. And it’s the newest medical technology that combines digital and biological images. 

A group at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine is using what’s known as x-reality for a new start up company, Radial 3-D, which gives doctors, patients and researchers a way to view eye popping medical images with their computer or mobile device.

“It’s the closest thing I’ve seen to star trek so far,” said Jesse Thompson, Radial 3-D CEO and JABSOM technical designer.

Thompson uses a Microsoft Holo Lens, which projects a hologram of a skull in front of him while mapping out the room.

“From the doctor to the researcher to the patient, every level will have access to a collaborative tool that works on any device,” said Thompson.

Radial 3-D is less than a year old and got started with the help of UH’s XLR8 program.

The company has met with Facebook, Google and is in China this week meeting with executives. It says the technology would be especially helpful in a children’s hospital to help kids overcome any fears.

JABSOM medical student Trudy Hong is studying technology where an image of an organ pops off a page with an ipad.

“They were like oh wow. How do you do that? It’s amazing,” she said.

JABSOM students and staff also use 3-D glasses and a pen to view an image of an MRI and virtually rotate and dissect it on the computer screen or cellphone.

“We are all in this movement to push the medium forward. It’s really really fun for me,” said Evan Young, Radial 3-D and Shidler School of Business assistant.

He hopes millions of people will use the technology.

“Our goal is to take this from a small Hawaii start up to a large scale tech start up that doesn’t just serve people in Hawaii, but serve people all over the world and be a very large platform that people use in their every day lives,” said Young.

The company’s platform be in use by a local hospital by physicians, radiologists and students before the end of the year.

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