Dunkirk VR experience now available on Samsung VR

Aside from superhero films and Star Wars, one of the most highly anticipated films of the year is from a former superhero film director. Christopher Nolan’s cinematic retelling of the events of Dunkirk, aptly titled Dunkirk, will be opening worldwide on July 22. But before that, you have the chance to experience part of that world on your computer or mobile device. A short film called Save Every Breath is now available and it’s not just any ordinary 4 1/2 minute film as it is best experienced in VR.

Warner Bros has worked with Dell, Intel, and Microsoft to bring you this virtual reality experience to your small screen. The 360-degree short film will immerse you into the world of Dunkirk through three tightly woven sequences. Normally, 360-degree VR videos are optimized for HD and 4K media. But in this particular case, they stitched together images 40 times that resolution through the various technologies of the aforementioned companies.

In case you’re not a fan of war stories or war films, Dunkirk is about 400,000 Allied soldiers who were stranded off a beach in France (the titular Dunkirk) while the German forces surrounded them and they’re slowly closing in. But aside from that and the all-star cast (including a One Direction star and the usual Nolan favorites), nothing much is known about the plot for this movie. So having this short film not only gives you a glimpse into this cinematic verse, but also how far VR has gone in the consumer market.

Save Every Breath is now available on Samsung VR or on YouTube. You can watch it as it is or use your Gear VR to make it even more immersive.

SOURCE: Samsung

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