Cubic Motion Ushers in a New Era of Instantaneous Live Facial Capture Technology

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cubic Motion, global leader of real-time motion capture and
facial animation technology, today announced the first step in
transforming the digital entertainment industry with the availability of
its technology platform for licensing. Cubic Motion’s computer vision
technology empowers producers to conveniently and instantaneously create
digital facial animation, saving the time and cost of digitally
animating it by hand. The latest Cubic Motion technology will be used to
enable the real-time facial performance of a new digital human
personality, codenamed “Siren,” created by Epic Games, Cubic Motion,
3Lateral, Vicon and Tencent, at the Game Developers Conference in San
Francisco. This will be featured at the Vicon booth #241 South Hall for
a live demo March 21-23 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. PST daily.

“Cubic Motion’s breakthrough computer vision and facial animation
technology was one of the keys to our success,” said double Academy
Award winner and CTO of Epic Games Kim Libreri. “Creating believable
digital characters that you can interact with and direct in real time is
one of the most exciting things that has happened in the computer
graphics industry in recent years.”

Epic Games will be showcasing the full potential of Cubic Motion’s
facial performance capture system, which enables real-time face
animation to mirror human emotion. Epic will be unveiling the Siren
proof of concept character, driven by a live performer, that will have
realistic face and eye movement and the ability to interact with
participants. The demonstration at the Game Developers Conference
utilizes 3Lateral’s facial rigging technology with body animation driven
by Vicon’s motion capture system.

Cubic Motion’s highly sophisticated digital humans set the quality
standard for real-time motion animation for the entire video game and
entertainment industry. Its computer vision technology tracks more than
200 facial features at over 90 frames per second and automatically maps
this data to extremely high-quality digital characters in real-time.

“We are offering the keys to unlock a virtual world, enabling content
producers and game developers to more easily interact with our
technology and streamline the creation process for performance driven
real-time digital humans,” said Andy Wood, Chairman of Cubic Motion. “By
2020, this will no doubt transform content production across the board
by making this technology universally available. By 2024, we may all be
interacting with digital humans in some way or other, whether its via
headsets, films, TV, games, live performances and broadcasts, or by
directing digital assistants in our homes in real-time.”

Cubic Motion’s motion-capture technology allows a live actor to perform
within the entertainment and game world in real-time. The technology
transforms the production process, allowing directors and producers to
see the result instantly and perform continuous retakes, saving time and
money when developing games, film, TV and virtual assistants. Ideal for
eSports, it also can create outstanding results for live broadcast,
allowing new content to be created in real-time and transmitted directly
into a game.

About Cubic Motion

Cubic Motion is the world leading real-time computer vision and digital
animation company providing proprietary performance-driven facial
capture technology. The company licenses its products and services for
real-time facial animation in video games, films, virtual reality and
augmented reality. The company’s award-winning Ph.D. scientists,
technologists, specialist animators and producers solve the most complex
and challenging problems in computer vision. Cubic Motion’s technology
analyzes, converts and maps the complex data of human facial
performances to create hi-fidelity believable digital humans and
characters that are either digitized from video or captured in real-time.

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