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Film: Avatars

Such are the conditions in the OASIS of the year 2044, a virtual reality Imaginationland. Mechagodzilla battles Brad Bird's Iron Giant from the 1999 movie, the stabby doll Chucky bursts through a windshield and King Kong attacks. Before the...


Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR – VRFocus

Blockbuster films and videogame collaborations have never had any easy history, generally because the content is rushed together in the hope of being a cash cow for all involved, resulting in some below average (horrendous) titles coming to market...


Ready Player One hits theaters – Western Courier

Ready Player One is now in theaters. There are major differences between the film and the novel. But, readers will get used to this because the film offers surprises around every corner. Overall, the film is great because it immerses you, just like...