Bettel puts virtual reality in field of view – Delano

Luxembourg prime minister and culture minister Xavier Bettel was in Venice this week to champion a Luxembourg artist and see what is new in the world of virtual reality films.

Visiting the Italian town from 3 to 5 September, Bettel toured the exhibition of Luxembourg artist Mike Bourscheid, “Thank you so much for the flowers”, at Venice’s contemporary art biennale.

The exhibition at the Luxembourg pavilion, which has received 11,000 visitors since opening, combines costumes with household objects to create regular performances by the artist.

Bettel also learned about developments in the world of virtual reality film at the seventy-fourth edition of the Venice Mostra, for which a virtual reality cinema had been created on Lazzaretto Vecchio island.

“Faced with the growing interest and potential that this technological revolution has in store for us and which will change our daily lives, Luxembourg, deeply involved in new, cutting-edge technologies, must play a key role in enhancing this new content”, Bettel said.

VR consultant Myriam Achard, Venice Mostra VR cinema artistic director Michel Reilhac, Luxembourg culture minister Xavier Bettel and Film Fund Luxembourg director Guy Daleiden. Photo credit: Luxembourg culture ministry

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