AR Rahman to go live in Hyderabad on Nov 26

Hyderabad: Music lovers in the city are in for a treat as the ‘Mozart of Madras’ AR Rahman makes a comeback with his Encore concert at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium on Sunday. The maestro, who will have well-known singers accompanying him, will be performing a few Telugu songs apart from his Bollywood hits.

As someone who has worked across the globe, Rahman believes the world has a place for everything.

“I think it has to do with the timing, you just have to keep going and keep refining your stuff. Also, being regional and having a great production staff helps a lot. Every language has its own flavour, whether it’s Telugu, Tamil or Hindi. Who knew the Gangnam style would become so popular? It’s the timing,” says Rahman.

Having experimented with new music, Rahman, who turned director with the virtual-reality based film ‘Le Musk’, believes creative art is in a very good place right now.

“I did Le Musk because no one else was doing it. It’s a thriller, but on any given day, it will always be music for me. I can do music, write stories and do six-seven movies as a composer in a year, but when it comes to directing, I can do only one movie in two years. Music is more important to me,” says Rahman.

Experimentation is not new for Rahman. His twist on the instrument Dilruba in the song Urvashi from Premikudu is an example. The Dilruba, used for melancholic sounds till then, is now heard in many energetic songs after Rahman used it in a happy song.

“I used it because I’m a player too and I had seen Saroja and her father play before. So I just wanted to bring a new vibe to it. I think Saroja did that and changed its association beautifully,” he says.

The maestro says the Telugu audience is really important and support from them means a lot to him. “I’m thankful to them, especially Telugu music lovers abroad who made my concerts what they are. Without them, my concert would never be the same. I received the same love from Hyderabadis,” adds Rahman.

Ask him about his son, Ameen, who has lent his voice in films such as Robo and Couples Retreat, and a smile is an answer.

“He wants me to teach him, but I don’t have time. I have given him the world’s best teachers, but he dodges them. I try my best to be a good father-teacher. But ultimately, they grow up as individuals and have their own personality. So far, people like him for what he is. But he needs to work hard,” he says, adding that Ameen was learning the piano as well.


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